Sponsored walks

walks_of_hope_img9.jpg Every year, Terre des hommes volunteers organize sponsored children’s walks in spring and autumn. Children and young people take part by covering a certain distance on foot, roller skates or a scooter, to help other children who are growing up in far less favourable circumstances.
Before the walk, the children find sponsors willing to offer a freely specified amount for each kilometre covered. Each child can cover as much distance and in as little time as he or she wants.

Program List 3 out of 4 activities

  • Marche de l'Espoir à Fontenais (Jura)

    From May 31 10:00 to May 31 14:00
  • 26è Marche de l'espoir à Bienne

    From Sep 20 09:30 to Sep 20 15:30
  • "Cours avec ton cœur 2015" à Renens (VD)

    From Sep 26 13:00 to Sep 26 17:00

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h3. Sponsored children’s walks – walking for hope

How, when, where?

In 2011, almost 2500 participants raised around CHF 150,000.-. The proceeds from this year's sponsored walks will go towards projects for healthcare and nutrition.

Tarshini received help from Tdh: her story
10-year-old Tarshini has been supported by Terre des hommes since her mother died when their house burned down. Now she has to look after her 5 brothers and sisters while their father goes out to earn some money. At the beginning, Terre des hommes helped to rebuild the house. Then the baby of 7 months was cared for and vaccinated. The team in Sri Lanka regularly visits Tarshini to help her in her life as a “little mother”.

Preparing walkers

For teachers, we suggest a school-organised activity on children’s rights. This activity is an introduction to the subject of children’s rights, in particular the right to health. School children can find out about these concepts through games and illustrations. In this way, children aged between 6 and 18 learn about the food and health projects run by Terre des hommes and how their participation can help.
Class material

Information & registration

For information regarding walks in 2011, please contact benevolat@tdh.ch or 058 611 06 76.

Schools and groups

Schools, teachers, youth leaders and anyone interested in helping Terre des hommes by organizing a sponsored walk or similar event with their school, class, group or club can get in touch with us.


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