Kids of Sundarbans

Help 300 children in their fight against malnutrition and provide them a future. These children receive treatment during 16 days in our health centre in the Sundarbans in India and leave completely cured.

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Project details

Based in West Bengal, the Sunderbans project in India hopes to raise 30,000 francs. These funds will allow our nutrition centre to treat 300 children and their mothers for a year.

70 %

of severly malnurished Children younger than 5 years old live in India

7 %

Bengali children suffer from severe malnutrition


There is a solution to this situation

CHF 100

is enough to fully treat a child for malnutrition

16 days

is the amount of time a malnourished child spends in hospital

The other measures taken by Terre des hommes to prevent malnutrition in the Sunderbans

  • Nutritional advice for mothers

  • Improved access to drinking water

  • Growth monitoring

  • Advice to pregnant women

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