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Bouncing back – thanks to games

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In Eastern Europe, Terre des hommes runs the MOVE project with the support of the UEFA. Through games and sport, the aim is to strengthen psychosocial and methodological abilities in adults, so that their activities with children are of the very best quality. MOVE calls on a methodology entitled Movement, Games and Sport, MGS in short. It integrates moments for feedback from the children in the games, enabling them to take a full part in their learning experience. At the end, the children develop abilities like cooperation, a sense of responsibility, the expression of emotions, etc. which bring them increased self-confidence. You can see in this dynamic colour video some accounts by teachers, facilitators and children, who explain – in their own words – of what this consists and the difference it has made to their lives. More information on: Credits Christophe VANCOPPENOLLE: Director, editor, cameraman Alex LUNGU : Sound operator, editor Dennea VACARCIUC : Sound operator Mirel GJYZARI : Sound operator Ariane ZWAHLEN: Voice Over (French) Elena PETRIC : Voice Over (Romanian) Sophie BALBO: voice Over (English) Rukida VEIZI : voice over(Albanian) MOVE Coordination Michèle MEUWLY Gaël RENNESSON Special Thanks to Mihai BALAN and the children of the School of DANCENI (Moldova) Veaceslav CEBOTARI Eol ÇASHKU MARUBI Academy of Film and Multimedia Igor COBILEANSKI Jean-Pierre HEINIGER All the Children, parents, animators trainors involved in the MOVE project. The Tdh Delegates and the Tdh Staff in Romania, Moldova and Albania, and all the other persons who kindly took part in the making of this video.


Publiziert von Terre des hommes
Datum 30.10.2015
Durée 05:08 minutes
Autor Terre des hommes
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