The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.
Action musique : un air pour l'enfance

Action musique : un air pour l'enfance

Merci de remplir les rubriques date, lieu et heure le plus précisément possible. Ces informations seront publiées sur ce site comme support complémentaire.

Action musique : un air pour l'enfance Step 1/3

Thank you for filling the spaces date, place, time as precisely as possible. This information will be published on this site as complimentary support

Equipment Step 2/3

Thank you for kindly indicating the items of support wished and for informing us of them at least 2 to 3 weeks before the planned date of the manifestation
Promotional items
Flyer information A6 for participants and the public - see example
Poster A2 for the visibility of your performance - see example

Thank you items
We offer you a cap OR a badge per participant as a token of appreciation from Terre des Hommes

Contact and delivery Step 3/3

Thank you for giving the details of the person to contact in case of need and an address for delivery for the material of support
Contact person

Delivery address