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In some African countries, malnutrition among children and access to quality health care are major challenges. Poverty drives young people to migrate, exposing them to many risks on their way. Once they arrive at their destination, they may become victims of exploitation or find themselves in conflict with the law. Terre des hommes (Tdh) improves children's health, accompanies and protects migrant children and fights for alternatives to detention for minors. We train professionals to provide adequate support and advocate for policy solutions that respect children's rights.

Our programmes in the region

Mother and Child Health

We are developing new ways to improve health care for children under five and their mothers. Through digital health tools and a strategy to train the most remote health workers, we are increasing the number of lives saved. We have health systems strengthening projects where we support primary and community health to strengthen existing structures, as well as nutrition projects.

Children and young people in Migration

We protect migrant children throughout their journey: before departure, during migration and at destination. Our teams set up protection centres where they can consult social workers and receive information about services they can use, thus reducing cases of exploitation and abuse. We also train professionals to provide appropriate care for these children.

Access to Justice

In detention centres, we support young people in conflict with the law to break out of the vicious circle of violence. We advocate for alternatives to detention, a restorative approach that prevents recidivism and helps young people reintegrate into the community. We train traditional justice actors in conflict mediation, and create links between them and formal justice actors. This improves collaboration between the two systems, prevents conflicts and encourages the search for peaceful solutions.

Countries of intervention

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