Afghanistan Emergency
Children in Afghanistan need your help!  


Children in South Asia are facing challenges such as poor access to healthcare, hygiene and medical treatment. Due to poverty, they are exposed to hazardous migration or are left behind by their parents. They risk exploitation, trafficking, violence, abuse or neglect. Terre des hommes’ (Tdh) priorities are to reinforce health systems, improve mother and child health, support gender equality and protect children against abuse. We also provide emergency assistance to families affected by natural disasters or mass displacements such as the one affecting the Rohingya population.

Our programmes in the region

Mother and Child Health

We work to save newborns’ and mothers' lives, reduce stillbirth and improve child nutrition. In collaboration with communities and partners, we ensure that forefront digital protocols and tools are integrated to improve clinical practices and enhance mothers’ knowledge and skills to fight against malnutrition in children. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we support health systems in the region to reduce and mitigate impacts of COVID-19 through activities in health, water, sanitation, hygiene and protection.

Children and youth in migration

Internal migration within Southern Asian countries is extensive and related primarily to temporary migration from rural to urban areas. Most of these urban centres are hazard-prone for children, who find themselves in a spiral of exploitation. We aim at mitigating risks connected to child mobility such as lack of legal identity, violence, exploitation, trafficking and early marriage, while providing children psychosocial support. Tdh also undertakes an action research project to identify the best ways to tackle the worst forms of child labour.

Access to Justice

We strengthen access to justice for children in conflict with the law. We promote child-friendly justice, community-based dispute resolution and alternative measures to detention. Our local teams improve access to legal advice and representation for children in contact with the law. Through training, we help professionals in the sector to become more aware of child rights. Building social cohesion and preventing conflict is an essential part of our work. For example, in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, we facilitate social cohesion processes between Rohingyas and host communities, through the improvement of youth participation in community-level decision making processes.

Humanitarian Aid

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the region. We equip communities with tools and knowledge to reduce disaster risks and to protect themselves in case of a natural catastrophe. In Cox’s Bazaar, which hosts one of the largest refugee camps in the world, we provide emergency assistance to Rohingya families and take into consideration the host communities’ needs.

Countries of intervention

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