Child Rights Day

Take part in our awarness campaign for Child Rights and help supporting children in need.

Still too many children worldwide are forced to work from an early age to ensure their survival and those of their families. Often, they cannot go to school and have very little chance to start an higher education later. This situation is unacceptable nowadays, especially as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has the right to education.

Terre des hommes helps children in need and fights for the respect of their rights. That is why we organize on the occasion of the International Child Rights Day – the 20th of November - an awareness campaign for schools and youth groups. For this edition, we offer a new educational program. Through an interactive and free lesson, pupils could get an introduction to child rights and discover the problems of child labour. More information here.

Teachers and youth group leaders have also the possibility to take part in our street action in order to offer a better future for children in need. Register now!

Child rights day in Solothurn