Child Rights Day

The International Child Rights Day – the 20th of November – is approaching. For almost 20 years Terre des hommes has organised street activities for raising people’s awareness of child rights. Around 100 school classes from all over Switzerland are supporting our action this year. Reward the efforts to the children and young people by visiting them at one of the locations listed below and by making a donation.

A total of 2,600 pupils from 96 schools throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein will take part on the day. As preparation for these activities Terre des hommes is organising class lessons during which pupils play but nonetheless learn what child labour means, and how it affects the whole life of children so afflicted.

The proceeds from sales and donations flow to the benefit of children being exploited through labour. Terre des hommes is the largest child-aid organisation in Switzerland, and its projects in West Africa, East Europe and Asia (among others) will be supported. These projects work for the relief of children forced to work as beggars, street hawkers, domestic helpers, or who have to earn their livelihood in factories, in fields or in mines.

Child rights day in Solothurn

“The children and volunteers make an important contribution to the work of Terre des hommes. We are glad to be able to count yet again on their support for the fight against child labour.”

Vito Angelillo, Geschäftsleiter


Learn more about Child Rights

A new website to learn more about Child rights is available in French or German. It provides teachers and youth group leaders with new pedagogical tools suited to the different ages of those taking part. Because children learn better while playing, Terre des hommes developed interactive games to confront children to the reality of other children elsewhere.


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“I fully support the commitments made by volunteers, partners, schools and groups of young people to these generous actions, which are unique in Switzerland.”
Daria Bucher, Junior fundraising officer

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