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Child Rights Day

On the occasion of the International Day of Children's Rights - November 20 - Terre des hommes is raising awareness among the Swiss population about the right to education. 

Millions of children around the world dream of going to school. The right to education is a fundamental right defended by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Education allows children and young people to acquire knowledge that is essential for building their future.

Terre des hommes is committed to defending the rights of children and protecting them from exploitation.

Let's draw smiles for the right to education !

To celebrate this day of children's rights, our volunteers will invite the public to build a chain of school children on stands. Children (and adults too!) will be able to cut out and color characters by drawing a smile on them. They can then hang them on a banner and show their support for Terre des hommes' education projects.

The chains of all the stands will be measured. The total length will then be communicated in our media and will attest to your support. Thank you in advance !

If you are a class and are interested in participating in this action, please write to us at

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