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Eric Bussat,
pharmacist and director of pharmacieplus

Pharmaciplus has been a partner of Terre des hommes for more than 10 years. Each year, pharmaciplus buys more than 16,000 oranges to offer to their customers.

Interview with Eric Bussat, pharmacist and director of pharmacieplus

For what reasons has pharmacieplus become involved with Terre des hommes?

For our pharmacists, this partnership is the symbol of how important essential medical care is to life. It is representative of our label, “Family Pharmacists”. The notion of family is our priority, since preventive healthcare made its debut. However, if this is the main priority of one hundred of our pharmaceutical laboratories today, it must not stop there. Our contribution to children everywhere, in particular to ones who are sick or who need specialised care, is vital. As health care professionals, it is our responsibility to contribute to programs that improve the health of children and their mothers.

By supporting Terre des hommes, what do you hope to accomplish?

In many disadvantaged countries, too many children don’t have the opportunity to benefit from a healthcare system like we have in Switzerland. Some of them will not even have a future if specialised treatments are not made available to them quickly. By relaying information about the work of Terre des hommes, we contribute to making the Swiss public more aware of the medical needs of these children and their families. Terre des hommes gives them access to medications, to treatments and to vaccinations, but also to drinking water, to a balanced diet, to hygiene and to education.

What does the sale of oranges mean to pharmacieplus?

It is a gesture that greatly inspires us. When we know, for example, that the purchase of 5 oranges – or 15 francs – allows us to provide medical care for a child suffering from malnutrition in Burkina Faso, selling oranges takes on a whole new meaning. We have been partners with Terre des hommes for eleven years now: the pharmacists who are members of our group buy 16,000 oranges that they offer their clients during the annual orange sale. Like in the case of the hundreds of volunteers who participate in this street sale, this is a wonderful opportunity for the pharmacieplus teams to exchange in discussions about this topic and to remind everyone about the importance of access to healthcare for many children around the world.

Regarding our clientele, we find that this action has had very positive consequences. Thanks to the loyalty points earned at the time of their purchases throughout the year, the clients of pharmaciplus receive some nice gifts that they can convert into donations to Terre des hommes: for example, 7520 Francs were spent on children last year. For this, we are deeply grateful to our clients.

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Eric Bussat on the premises of Terre des hommes in Lausanne, with Kristin Aubort, editor in chief at pharmacieplus,Laetitia Guarino, ambassador of health and Miss Switzerland 2015 and Vito Angelillo, General Director at Terre des hommes. “Last year, having sold oranges in Lausanne, Laetitia Guarino took the time to visit one of our pharmacies and she congratulated the employees for their commitment”, explains Eric Bussat. “She used this time to speak about curing the children suffering from cardiac diseases that she met during her trip to Morocco with Terre des hommes.”

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