Emergency aid after the earthquake. Your help is precious.

Beatrice Sermet,
Board member for the Bienne and Bernese Jura volunteer group

I give a small amount of my time to contribute to an enormous collective task: helping children in need and their families and entourage.

I usually do one or two hours a week, it varies. Maybe a hundred hours a year. It's a little and a lot at the same time. It's not a huge effort for me, but for Tdh, it’s vital.

The Tdh volunteer network also creates friendships that are formed out of a common desire to take action. The nicest moments are those spent in the street, meeting the residents of our cities and towns, and taking part in preparation evenings. There is a great atmosphere even when there's a lot to be done, and it's satisfying to see our work lead to real actions. Being able to see the result, that's what motivates me. So thank you to all the young (and not so young!) volunteers who continue to join us to make all the 'we shoulds' a reality, instead of putting the haunting images they see in the media to the back of their minds."