Humberto, 7 years old,
a resident in one of the communities of Santo Domingo de los Colorados

Humberto, who is physically handicapped, grew up in a poor environment. His parents did not have the money to feed him properly. When he met one of Terre des hommes' community workers, he was malnourished. He was given treatment and follow-up care.

Fighting against malnutrition and domestic violence

Humberto's father is a seasonal agricultural worker. His earnings are meagre and sporadic. Humberto's mother used to be a prostitute. In their home, domestic violence was a regular occurrence. Humberto's mother had reported her husband for violence several times. Humberto was physically handicapped at birth. He was malnourished when he met one of Tdh's community workers, who took him to the nearest health centre for suitable care and follow-up treatment. Since then, a member of Tdh's team has visited Humberto's mother every month to provide information on good health and child protection practices. The project team encouraged the family to request government aid, which it received in 2011. This has improved the boy's domestic situation. Tdh is providing follow-up care to the family to ensure Humberto continues to receive the therapy he needs. Today, Humberto and his family continue to receive support from community workers trained as part of this project. Maintaining contact with communities is a good way of reducing child abuse.

Not his real name