The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.

Irfan, 16 years old,
a Tdh beneficiary in Peshawar

"I was 10 when my parents died and my brother and I left home to find work. I was treated like an animal and ended up alone on the streets. I lost hope."

From the street to school

"When our parents died, my brother and I had to leave to find work in Lahore. I was 10. We got work on a buffalo farm. My brother borrowed money from the owner to start selling vegetables in Peshawar and I looked after the buffaloes alone. I was treated just like the animals. I slept on the farm. I wasn't allowed to leave and I had no one to talk to or play with. The caretakers made fun of me. When I was 15, my brother came back for me and I went to live with him in Peshawar. He left early in the morning to get to the market and I wandered the streets. One day, one of Tdh's social workers took me to the Flowers centre, which offers educational activities and games for children. I decided to go back every day. After seven months, my teachers enrolled me in school. I was given books, a bag, a uniform and shoes. I still feel a little different to the other students, but I'm safe and I'm proud."

Not his real name