Islam, 11 years old,
a former furniture maker in Damietta

Instead of going to school, Islam made wooden furniture for ten hours every day. Tdh helped him go back to school so he could learn to read and write. Today, he has high hopes for the future.

A little wood-worker

The governorate of Damietta is central to Egypt’s furniture industry. For generations, furniture has been produced here with help from children like Islam, who work an average of 10 hours per day. This is a long time for an 11-year-old. Islam puts his skills to work sculpting decors. However, like almost half of Damietta’s residents, he is illiterate.

Tdh’s social workers met Islam’s parents and discussed his future prospects. Today, Islam goes to school, to the great delight of his mother. She hopes he will learn to read, write and become independent. His father, who cannot read, also supports his son, hoping he will one day be able to write his own letters without asking for help. Since Islam went back to school, his hopes for the future have taken flight. One day, he would like to have three children and own his own workshop, house and car.

Not his real name