Joyce Wamaitha Kiarie,
Tdh Psychologist in Korogocho

“Children too often remain closed off in silence”

“Some children were abused for a long time before their rescue. This is why we train professors, religious leaders, and all people around them to identify signs of abuse and to refer them to Tdh and the authorities, which was the case with 9-year-old Cary*, who was abused by her grandfather. She cried a lot during the first few therapy sessions, but finally opened up. She now participates in group therapy sessions and has advanced in her healing process.

Children too often remain closed off in silence. I am their friend, their ally, here to help them emerge from it. They think that what happens to them is their fault. I support them in getting rid of their feelings of guilt. Cary was able to express herself through drawing, for example with a tree of life that traces the path of childhood, from the roots to the top. This helps uncover buried emotions. We also use this technique with the parents. They are often not aware of copying the abuses experienced during their childhood which they never could express. A kind of revenge, in a sense. We help families break the vicious cycle.”

Read Cary's story

*The name of the child was changed for protection reasons.