Tsunami in Indonesia
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A former Tdh beneficiary and member of the local community support group in Fier, Albania

For several years, fourteen-year-old Kushtrim begged in Fier, Albania, to survive. After being identified by Tdh, he was given the basic items and support he needed to go back to school. Today, Kushtrim is a young man.

Hope for exploited children

At 14, Kushtrim* was already a beggar in the streets of Fier, Albania. He had begged for several years to help his family, which was extremely poor. He was identified by a Tdh team, which offered him support. They provided him with the basic items and support he needed to go back to school. The boy gained in self-confidence and enthusiasm. A few years later, when Kushtrim had successfully completed his compulsory schooling, he decided to help other children facing the same problems. He joined the Fier community support group, supported by Tdh. Today, he tells his story to raise awareness of child protection issues among influential community members such as families and young people. Kushtrim's actions send a positive message to many young people.

*Name and picture have been changed