a former quarry worker

Landry, a young man from Benin, worked in one of Nigeria's quarries before being arrested by immigration officers. He was immediately handed over to Tdh's team in Abeokuta.

Leaving the quarries behind

Landry, a young man from Benin, was working in a Nigerian quarry before being arrested by immigration officers. They immediately handed him over to Tdh's team in Abeokuta, near the quarries.

Tdh team members listened to Landry, earned his trust and took him to a medical centre so he could receive treatment for a serious wound on his foot. To ensure Landry was able to settle back into his home community, immigration officers were then supposed to help him return home, find a training programme and return to his family. However, a short time later, Landry mysteriously disappeared.

He was only found one year later. He had been forced to go back to work in the quarries. His health had deteriorated because he was often beaten and deprived of food. He managed to run away to Tdh. The Nigerian team immediately took the first steps towards his reintegration, setting objectives and ways of achieving them. In just a few hours, Landry was taken back to Benin, as he had requested, where he was met by another Tdh team in Zakpota. This allowed him to escape from his employers. Tdh's social workers ensured he was safe throughout the reintegration process. Today Landry is an apprentice photographer in Bohicon.

Not his real name