The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.

Maria Bray,
Psychosocial support and protection advisor at Terre des hommes

"Strengthening children's resilience is essential for them to be capable of recovering and coping with any crises in the future"

Strengthening resilience in children

"Any sudden change in a child's environment, whether due to an emergency situation or a social, economic or family crisis, can unsettle them greatly and alter how they relate to their surroundings.

The challenge in these difficult circumstances is to ensure that children are able to adapt, so that they can move on and continue to grow and dream.

At Terre des hommes, we place children at the heart of what we do. Victims in spite of themselves, children can nevertheless take control of their lives. Our mission is to prepare them so that they can change their environment and improve their own living conditions. It is therefore essential to provide them with activities that directly contribute to their development, boost their self-confidence and enhance their trust in others.

Games, dialogue, creativity and sport are amazing tools when it comes to encouraging children to interact and expanding their capacity for action and reflection on the world in which they live."