Ukrainian emergency
The children of Ukraine and their families need your help!  

Nicu and Sandu, 14 and 9 years old,
Tdh beneficiaries in Moldova

Nicu and Sandu come from a poor background and were regularly missing school to search for food. Thanks to local social workers, the two brothers are now entitled to free meals at school.

The chance of a better life

Nicu and Sandu live in a small village in Moldova. Their father doesn’t have a steady job, only managing to find seasonal work as a farmhand, and therefore finds it hard to provide for his two sons. Social workers were already keeping an eye on Nicu and Sandu’s situation and now the local child protection network supported by Tdh regularly makes contact with the boys and their father to offer them help.

The two boys had poor hygiene and were regularly missing school to search for food. To exacerbate matters, the unstable family environment was causing Nicu to act out. His behaviour became aggressive and the other boys were reluctant to have anything to do with him. Thanks to the efforts of local social workers, the two boys can now shower and receive free meals at school. They can also wash their laundry at facilities in the community. Nicu has been encouraged to take part in psychological and social group activities to help him improve his conduct and how he interacts with other children.

Not their real names