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Dr. Robert Kargougou,
Secretary General for the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso

"We have drastically reduced the number of incorrect diagnoses thanks to IeDA and the children benefit from better treatment."

“The collaboration with Terre des hommes is highly fruitful and has allowed us to make a qualitative leap in the treatment of childhood illness. The Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) has existed since 1999, though it is difficult to use it in practice. Thanks to the IeDA project, we are finally getting there. What's more, each consulted child is recorded on a tablet.

Improving efficiency

The latest results of IeDA show the large differences between health systems that use the tablet and those that are not yet equipped with one. We have drastically reduced the number of incorrect diagnoses, and thanks to this, the children benefit from better treatment and the medications are used in a more efficient way. The savings are noticeable, as the prescription of medications, particularly antibiotics, has decreased.

A sustainable impact

Convinced of the impact of the project on our health system, we have asked Terre des hommes to support us in equipping the health centres of a third region, the Sahel zone. We hope to eventually cover the whole country, so that children can thoroughly benefit from this new technology.