The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.

Thierry Agagliate,
Innovation manager at Tdh

"Innovation is a strategic challenge and a differentiating factor for Tdh. We monitor and anticipate innovations that will fundamentally change our core experience of addressing the protection and health of children"

Identifying opportunities and promoting a culture of innovation

We promote the emergence of ideas internally towards improving the effectiveness and impact of our activities. For the purpose, a specific consultation instrument, the Idea Challenge, was set up in 2017 for all employees. This is a major brainstorming campaign that starts looking at the operational problems encountered daily to then devise innovative solutions to overcome them. Working groups are set up to develop the most promising projects at the annual meeting Tdh Innovation Bootcamp to produce prototypes.

Digital health as a key pillar

Health is a privileged field of innovation. We have developed innovative tools such as IeDA (Integrated e-Diagnostic Approach) to digitalise the clinical protocols used during medical consultations and care of millions of children in West Africa, SIMSONE, which trains midwives in remote areas, and Gravit'eau, a hand washing system that automatically recycles water.

The idea to invest in innovation is a direct outcome of the success of our IeDA project. IeDA emerged in 2009 in Burkina Faso as a digital tool to diagnose children under five. Since the pilot project was implemented in 39 health centres in the Tougan and Séguénéga districts of Burkina Faso, the tool has spread across the country and has integrated new protocols and functionalities, especially in nutrition and perinatal health.

Future versions of IeDA will incorporate revolutionary functionalities in the coming years thanks to artificial intelligence and high-level partnerships with the University of Geneva, EPFL and the Cloudera Foundation.

Child protection – a field of innovation

We also valorise innovation in our child protection programmes, in particular with the global initiative of the humanitarian FabLabs, led by Tdh in partnership with the Fab Foundation and IOM.  We provide state-of-the-art technologies and digital know-how in dedicated meeting places to support vulnerable young people in their projects and provide them with technical and entrepreneurial skills.

In the field of education, we developed the digital platform Childhub, a regional network of child protection experts in South Eastern Europe. The platform promotes the exchange of knowledge and best practices, provides training for industry professionals and influences policy decisions on child protection.

With innovation, Tdh adopts a pioneering position that combines pragmatism and risk taking. This allows us not only to implement efficient solutions on the field, but also to bring together skills and talents, thus nurturing the organisation's culture.


Discover the Innovation Bootcamp video from Budapest in 2018 here