The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.

Leen Farhat,
Child Protection Specialist in Lebanon

"Children no longer have a sense of safety and security. Their hopes, dreams, and future plans have been shattered."

Leen Farhat, Child Protection Specialist at Tdh in Lebanon

The explosions that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon on 4th August 2020 killed more than 200 people and injured 6000. The city is devastated, people have lost their homes, families and work. Children and young people are particularly affected. Leen Farhat, child protection specialist at Tdh in Lebanon, explains why.

How are the children affected?
The Lebanese population is mourning and experiencing a collective trauma – once more. Children are shocked and scared. They have flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks. They are having a hard time to understand the situation. Some have lost parents, some have lost friends, and some have lost their homes or belongings. Children no longer have a sense of safety and security. They see their parents scared and sad, and have no idea how to help or what to do. Their hopes, dreams, and future plans have been shattered.

What do these children need?
All children should have access to basic assistance like food, water, shelter, medication, clothes, and need different psychological. Moreover, children need to disconnect from the stressful daily life and surroundings by participating in recreational activities.

How is Tdh helping?
As an organisation specialised in child protection, we deliver psychological first aid and counseling to children and families in need. We will also provide technical training for other organisations and professionals on mental health and child protection in emergency. To ensure that the emergency response is adequate and covers the needs of the children and their families, we are conducting an assessment in collaboration with other local and international organisations from different sectors.

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