Mahmoud, 13 years old,
a Tdh beneficiary in the Gaza Strip

At only 13 years of age, Mahmoud worked before and after school to help his brothers and sisters. He had no time to study or play with friends. Tdh's Future Hope Centre is now giving him the support he needs to succeed at school.

At 13, Mahmoud got up early every morning to collect and sell plastic and gravel before school. After school, he went back to work instead of studying or playing with friends. If he was lucky, he earned the equivalent of 3 Swiss Francs a day. If not, he earned half that amount. Mahmoud's father was unemployed and the family had no regular income. The money Mahmoud and one of his other brothers brought in was therefore very important. Then Mahmoud began going to Tdh's Future Hope Centre in Beit Lahia. Here, he spends time with friends and does his homework with support from teachers. He no longer works because his family has received assistance to launch a project raising sheep. This has had a positive impact on his schoolwork, paving the way for a better future.

Not his real name