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Yasmina, 4 years old,
young Rohingya refugee child

Yasmina suffers from malnutrition. She has been taken into care in a Tdh nutrition centre. Thanks to this, she was able to eat again.

Yasmina, 4 years and a half, is the youngest in a family of five children. They live in very difficult conditions, cramped among 900,000 Rohingya refugees in the camps of Bangladesh. Yasmina suffers from malnutrition and has been taken into care by the Tdh medical team in one of our nutrition centres.

Yasmina is one of more than 15% of children in the camps suffering from  acute malnutrition. We train community volunteers in the camps on screening children and mothers and detecting malnutrition symptoms.They refer the severe acute malnutrition cases to Tdh treatment centres where they receive appropriate medical attention and counselling sessions.

Appropriate care

It was the chief of her community who spoke to Yasmina’s mother about the treatment centre for malnutrition. She therefore took her daughter, who had not been eating at all for several days, for a consultation. The medical team of Tdh were able to rapidly take charge Yasmina. After having been examined, weighed and measured, Yasmina was given a treatment of high-protein foods.

Under the relieved look of her mother, Yasmina exclaims: „It’s good” after absorbing the treatment made from milk and peanut butter which will allow her to quickly recover from her nutritional deficiencies. A Rohingya volonteer trained by Tdh carefully explains to Yasmina’s mother how to administer the medicine to her daugher as well as the duration of the treatment.

Healthy again

Yasmina and her mother leave with 32 sachets required for the treatment lasting 10 weeks. The therapeutic foods will provide Yasmina with the nutrients necessary to recover her health again. Another consultation is scheduled at the end of the treatment.


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