The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.


In some countries in Europe, the fragile social and political context makes children particularly vulnerable. Through our regional projects, we aim to protect children who are victims or at risk of abuse, trafficking and exploitation, affected by migration, or in conflict with the law.

Our programmes in the region

Child Protection

Tdh supports countries in developing and strengthening comprehensive and well-coordinated child protection systems. We raise the capacities of actors working for the well-being of children and the protection of their rights. Regionally or locally, our projects favour the participation, empowerment and resilience of children, particularly through mental health and psychosocial support interventions such as movement, games and sport activities. We also sensitise families and communities on their role of protecting children.

Children and Youth in Migration

Children in Europe are affected by migration in many ways. Whether they are on the move, returned to their home country or are left behind by migrant parents, we make sure that they are protected and treated with equity. Our projects create integration and educational opportunities, as well as safe spaces where they can play and rest. Together with our partners, we help refugee children and their families with emergency assistance and information. Our team advocates for child-friendly migration policies on a European and international level, while empowering children and young people to claim their rights through participation in campaigns such as Destination Unknown.

Access to Justice

We encourage states in Europe to implement non-custodial measures for children in conflict with the law. With our partners, we promote restorative justice as a process in which the child who committed an offence, the victim and, where appropriate, members of the family and the community actively participate in the resolution of matters arising from the offence. At a regional level, we facilitate the sharing of best practices, common learning, awareness-raising and advocacy for child-friendly justice. We also support the creation of the Barnahus multi-disciplinary service that provides rapid access to justice and care for child victims and witnesses of violence.

Countries of intervention

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