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Latin America

Countries in Latin America are facing unprecedent migration flows, while internal conflicts and violence affect many children and their families. Terre des hommes (Tdh) supports internally displaced communities by enhancing their access to safe drinking water and better health services. With a focus on child protection, we fight against the recruitment of children and adolescents by armed groups and make sure children’s rights are respected. Tdh is also a leader in the promotion of restorative juvenile justice. We support governments to transform their justice sectors away from punitive systems towards the promotion of reintegration and reconciliation.


Our programmes in the region

Child Protection

In Colombia, we work to prevent the recruitment and use of children and adolescents by armed groups. We strengthen protection systems at the community, school, family and institutional levels to make sure that children and adolescents can develop in a safe and inspiring environment. We also support the return back to school after nearly two years of school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We strengthen the school’s capacities for accelerated learning and support children in coping with the post-pandemic realities through psycho-social support and peer-learning initiatives.

Access to justice

In Ecuador, we ensure that adolescents and young people in contact with the justice system are treated in a fair and appropriate manner for their age. Tdh trains legal professionals on restorative juvenile justice to help transforming the justice system away from a punitive approach towards one that favours reconciliation. With this approach, adolescents and young people accept responsibility for their actions while being offered opportunities that allows them to reintegrate into the civil life.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

In Colombia, we support families, schools and communities in improving their hygiene conditions. Through the combination of in-kind contributions, such as handwashing stations or water tanks, with targeted awareness-raising activities, we contribute to the transformation of harmful hygiene and health practises. This allows children to develop healthy and safe behaviour while acting as agents of change among their peers.

Countries of intervention

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