Courage n° 55 - New hope in the heart of the favelas

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Summary of the September 2016 edition of the Terre des hommes magazine “Courage”

•  Editorial (page 2): “Prison is not made for children” by Vito Angelillo.

•  Promises - Results (page 3): Find out more about our interventions for strengthening children’s resilience after the earthquake at the coast of Ecuador.

•  Dossier (page 4): In Brazil, Tdh promotes violence prevention and helps children in conflict with the law. In this context, Miss Switzerland Lauriane Sallin visited the Tdh projects on site.

•  Point of View (page 7): Lauriane Sallin, Miss Switzerland 2016, talks of the restorative juvenile justice projects of Tdh that she visited in Fortaleza.

•  Here and elsewhere (page 8): An in-depth look at the illegal imprisonment of migrant children in Switzerland and restorative juvenile justice in Latin America. 

•  Look at this (page 10): The story of Ronaldo, who benefited from the Tdh activities for imprisoned children.

•  The Question (page 11): How do children get behind bars?

•  Tdh in Action (page 12): Child rights explained: With new school material and animations.

•  Coming soon (page 12): Events calendar for Switzerland from September to December 2016.

•  In Brief (page 13): A new vision for Tdh.

•  Hand in Hand (page 14): The Medicor Foundation supports children in conflict with the law.

•  Portrait (page 15): Beat Mumenthaler, a lawyer from Geneva, President of the Tdh Council.


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Published by Terre des hommes
Date 16.09.2016
Number of pages 16 pages

Terre des Hommes

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