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Courage n° 47 - Landing in Sicily

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Summary of the Terre des hommes magazine “Courage” September 2014.

Editorial (page 2) “Immigration alert: Children in great danger!” by Vito Angelillo.
Promised – Result (page 3): Rehabilitation at a clinic in Mali.

Main story (page 4): Millions of children in the world are migrating. They are fleeing poverty, violence or disasters. They run the risk of being exploited or abused. Terre des hommes listens to the youths who have given up everything due to the danger to their lives in order that they do not become the prey of organized crime.
Point of view (page 7) : Ignacio Packer, General Secretary Terre des hommes International Federation.

Here and there (page 8): The journey of Farah, young Somalian, who has spent nine months on the road and covered more than 7000 kilometers.

A child’s view (page 10): Denis draws the police as he imagines.
The question (page 11): What does the day of a child in a gold mine look like?

Tdh in action (page 12): The day of which “You are the Hero”
Coming soon (page 13): Agenda of Tdh activities from September to December 2014.
In brief (page 13): Terre des hommes International Federation

Hand in Hand (page 14): Chocolate for a good cause
Portrait (page 15): Aminetou Ely, active since an early age in the protection of women in Mauritania.

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Published by Terre des hommes
Date 29.10.2015
Number of pages 16 pages
Author Terre des hommes
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