Courage No. 50 - Journey towards life

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Summary of the June 2015 edition of Terre des hommes magazine “Courage”

Editorial (page 2): " A journey towards life " by Vito Angelillo.
Promises – Results (page 3): A winter in the warmth for families in Kurdistan.
File (page 4): Without specialised care, a lot of children born with a severe cardiac defect in Morocco do not have any chance at survival. Miss Switzerland has accompanied a surgical mission from the Inselhospital in Bern into the country.
Point of View (page 7): Dr. Alexander Kadner, Leader in cardiac surgery at the university hospital in Bern answers the question, which child to operate on.

Here and Elsewhere (page 8): Acting together because every child counts. Excerpt of the annual report 2014.

A Child's View (page 10): Drawing competition among children recovering in “La Maison” to the theme journey towards life.
The Question (page 11): What is the caustic stenosis of the oesophagus?

Tdh in Action (page 12): Doing sports to heal the children.
Coming Soon (page 13): Schedule of activities in Switzerland from June to September 2015.
In Brief (page 13): The development of the specialised care.

Hand in Hand (page 14): Faster and further by bike in Bangladesh’s countryside.
Portrait (page 15): Dr. Carlos Royo, responsible for specialised care programme talks about his 40 years engagement for children in the field.

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Published by Terre des hommes
Date 29.10.2015
Number of pages 16 pages
Author Communication

Terre des Hommes

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