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Courage No. 51 – To rise after the catastrophe

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Summary of the September 2015 edition of Terre des hommes magazine “Courage”

Editorial (page 2): “Nepal – five months later” by Vito Angelillo.
Promises – Results (page 3): Demobilised children in South Sudan.
File (page 4): An earthquake of a never before seen multitude in Nepal left three million children homeless and without access to water and food. Thanks to long lasting local ties, Terre des hommes was able to furnish a quick emergency aid.
Point of View (page 7): Favila Escobio, health specialist in humanitarian crises, tells us about the situation in Nepal.

Here and elsewhere (page 8): Current interventions of Terre des hommes in humanitarian crises.

A Child's View (page 10): Aadil was scared affected after an air attacks destroyed his house.
The Question (page 11): What does a family kit contain?

Tdh in Action (page 12): School journey to Kosovo.
Coming soon (page 13): Activities in Switzerland from September to December 2015.
In Brief (page 13): The values of Terre des hommes.

Hand in Hand (page 14): A long lasting partnership with the Swiss solidarity.
Portrait (page 15): Seven Fricaud, responsible of the Sector Humanitarian Crises, tells us about the development and the importance of the humanitarian interventions.

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Published by Terre des hommes
Date 29.10.2015
Number of pages 16 pages
Author Terre des hommes

Terre des Hommes

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