The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.

Courage No. 52 – Fleeing to save the children

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Summary of the December 2015 edition of Terre des hommes magazine “Courage”.

Editorial (page 2): “The only way out” by Vito Angelillo.

Promises – Results (page 3): Giving a family to lost children in Haiti. The story of Mirlaine and her mother.

File (page 4): Every night it gets colder in the Balkans and some children have nothing to warm themselves. Terre des hommes provides emergency aid to families on their way into exile. Report from Berkasovo on the Serbian border with Croatia.

Point of View (page 7): Martin Morand, in charge of refugee aid in the section “Humanitarian Crises”, explains why Terre des hommes has to help the refugees at the gates of Europe.

Here and elsewhere (page 8): Crises in Syria – the intervention of Terre des hommes in the Middle East and in the Balkans.

A Child's View (page 10): Ahed had to flee the violence in his country. Today he faces the monsters that hinder him from sleeping.

The Question (page 11): Why do refugees need information?

Tdh in Action (page 12): Witness in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

Coming soon (page 13): Activities in Switzerland from December 2015 to March 2016.

In Brief (page 13): Tax deductions: Three questions answered by Bozica Leresche.

Hand in Hand (page 14): Celebrating birthday with Salto Natale.

Portrait (page 15): Sendrine Constant joined Terre des hommes as a delegate six years ago. Since last August the child protection specialist has been head of the regional office for Eastern Europe in Hungary.

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Published by Terre des hommes
Date 15.12.2015
Number of pages 16 pages
Author Terre des hommes

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