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Choosing a digital Case Management tool for Child Protection : Findings from the Terre des hommes study.

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Published by Terre des hommes
Date 11.04.2017
Number of pages 4 pages
Author Terre des hommes
CC Terre des hommes has been engaged since several years in strengthening Case management practices in the field. Over the past years, having an appropriate software able to support case management activities (for information management as well as for supporting social worker’s management of the cases) has been an objective of the Terre des hommes delegations and HQ. In order to identify the most suitable Digital Case management tools linked with our needs in the field, Tdh proceeded with a three-step study process in 2016; 1/ An evaluation of Tdh’s needs (as well as the humanitarian and development sectors’) in terms of digital case management tool. 2/ A benchmarking of existing software/tools to support case management activities 3/ An identification of the existing tool (if there was one) that would better fit our needs. The study enabled us to identify the CPIMS+ module of the Primero platform ( as the most appropriate tool for Tdh, but also helped us to identify lessons learned and thus formulate recommendations for a digital case management tool roll out. This study has been carried out in collaboration with a child protection expert consultant (Stephanie Delaney) and information management specialists, CartONG ( The present document is an infographic summary of the study that was produced in order to share these findings with other Child Protection agencies. Since the end of this study, Tdh has been formally integrated beginning of 2017 as a new member of the steering committee of Primero and of CPIMS+ (together with Save the children, IRC, UNICEF and UNHCR) and is planning to pilot this software in Burkina Faso in the coming year.

Terre des Hommes

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