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Final evaluation by Jean Zermatten, following the Juvenile Justice World Congress

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With the final evaluation of contemporary juvenile justice in relation to the discussions held during the World Congress by Jean Zermatten*, former President of the Committee on the Convention of the Rights of the Child and of IAYFJM starts from the observation that during the 20th century children have too often been the victims of violent and repressive justice systems despite an evolution by trial and error in approaches to juvenile justice. He reminds us that behind each case, there is a child with his or her own story that we need to understand before we try to provide justice. Solutions exist that do not involve the deprivation of liberty. But these require a change of mind-set that takes into consideration its negative effects.


Published by Terre des Hommes
Date 30.01.2015
Number of pages 6 pages
Author Jean Zermatten

Terre des Hommes

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