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Kids as commodities? Child trafficking and what to do about it

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This study of child trafficking describes a pattern of human rights violations affecting at least one million children today – probably many more. It concerns the business of taking children away from their homes and families, transporting them elsewhere, often across frontiers and even to other continents, to be put to use by others, usually to make money. This is a heart-rending pattern of abuse, but the study explains in as unsentimental way as possible what can be done to stop child trafficking and to protect children who are trafficked. As the efforts of government agencies and inter-governmental organisations have been described in other reports, this study focuses on what non-governmental organisations can do, with the intention of showing them what techniques there is agreement on and what needs further discussion.


Published by Terre des hommes
Date 01.05.2004
Number of pages 100 pages
Author Dottridge Mike

Terre des Hommes

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