Our Values (not up to date)

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These values have been replaced in 2021 by the updated values of the organisation: Values of Terre des hommes.

Commitment, Courage, Respect and Ambition: In addition to the Charter written by Edmond Kaiser in 1966, these four values are required by Terre des hommes to ensure high quality work. We are proud to have our daily commitment for children based on these important values.

Commitment: We act on behalf of children in a humane and professional manner, guided by principles of justice and solidarity.

Courage: We make bold decisions, acting and taking stances.

Respect: We act with integrity and in a responsible and transparant manner, working cooperatively while also respecting diversity.

Ambition: We strive to create changes that are relevant, positive and sustainable for children and their communities.


Published by Terre des hommes
Date 09.11.2015
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Author Terre des hommes

Terre des Hommes

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