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World Congress on Justice for Children 2018 - Final Declaration

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The final declaration of the World Congress on Justice for Children recalls some important messages.

  • The urgent need and importance of strengthening and improving justice systems for children including adopting legislation and policies which protect and safeguard children from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  • All children should be treated like children within the justice systems, even children who are alleged of, accused of or condemned for national security, extreme violence or terrorism related offences.
  • The voices of children are to be properly heard within all levels of the justice system.
  • We need greater investments in prevention and reintegration programmes communities, schools but also on online platforms.
  • Non-custodial measures should be the main if not only sentencing means of children in conflict with the law.


The World Congress on Justice for Children took place from 28 to 30 May 2018 in Paris. The topic was about the challenges of strengthening justice systems for children, including disengagement from violent extremism. The event was co-organised by Terre des hommes. It gathered  917 participants coming from 102 countries. 26 workshops were held during the 3 days of the Congress. More than 150 speakers discussed the main trends and issues related to children in contact with the justice systems as well as lessons learnt, good practices in the field.


Published by Terre des hommes
Date 06.07.2018
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