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“Playing to overcome problems”

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One year after the quake and the tsunami which followed it, the film shows the slow and difficult rebuilding of Dichato. Material rebuilding first: the coastline, formally the principal source of income for the local population, is still just a building site. And then social re-building: children and parents still living in provisional camps, which broke the strong community bonds and the mutual aid which existed before – not to mention the family members of whom they have no more news. Tierra de Esperanza, a partner of Terre des hommes, has with protected play areas, clay workshops, play and educational activities, succeeded in reforging the bonds between the children, and it provides them with a protected area so that they can recover their self-confidence and grow up as any other child.


Publié par Terre des hommes
Date 30.10.2015
Durée 04:40 minutes
Auteur Terre des hommes

Terre des Hommes

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