Emergency aid after the earthquake. Your help is precious.

Haiti – One year afterwards

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Since the 12th January 2010 earthquake of the century, Terre des hommes – child relief (Tdh) has been working in Haiti with over 220 helpers to alleviate the misery of the 75,000 victims, in the widest emergency action in the 50 years of Tdh. Since October, the cholera epidemic has been added to the troubles, and after the first round of the presidential elections, demonstrations have made working conditions even harder. How Tdh copes under such conditions, and what, despite all the difficulties, has been achieved, is shown in a video made by Thomas Noreille at the end of November. These exclusive pictures portray the distress of the Haitians, but also reveal their innate hope. The video shows the aid given, which will go into its second phase in 2011 . . . emergency help for social reconstruction.


Publié par Terre des hommes
Date 30.10.2015
Durée 04:42 minutes
Auteur Thomas Noreille

Terre des Hommes

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