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The Specialized Nutritional Unit (SNU) in Kurigram - Bangladesh

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Terre des hommes has settled a Specialized Nutritional Unit (SNU) in Kurigram to give an appropriate response to the issue of malnutrition in the area. In the target areas, more than 20% of children suffer from acute severe malnutrition, which is above the emergency level set by the WHO. The children are screened in the Mother and Child Health Center (MCHC) run by Terre des hommes in Kurigram and in the different satellite or mobile clinics of the NGO in the villages or the city areas. Identified children are referred to the SNU where they will be taken in charge by well trained and dedicated staff. Children will get an appropriate feeding to gain weight in a couple of weeks. Their accompanying mother will have the opportunity to follow prevention sessions where they will learn good practices about hygiene, cooking, child feeding, etc. so that the family will have a better chance to prevent malnutrition. After having been discharged from the SNU, the family will receive the regular visit of social workers. The SNU of Kurigram is one of three best medical institutions fighting malnutrition in Bangladesh.


Publié par Terre des hommes
Date 02.11.2015
Durée 04:09 minutes
Auteur Terre des hommes

Terre des Hommes

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