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Charte de Terre des hommes (1960) The Terre des hommes Charter, original text from 1960 «The mute appeal of the children of the world who live at risk of suffering and death inspires the following: As long as there are children at risk of hunger, sickness, abandonment, misery and persecution, the Terre des hommes movement, created with this goal, will devote itself to providing immediate aid, as completely as is possible. Having found the child, Terre des hommes will care for him or her in the most appropriate way and by the most suitable means – within his or her country if circumstances allow or elsewhere if this is not the case. The child will be fed, cared for, brought into a family and given a life that corresponds to children’s rights: caring, expert and permanent help. This work will be carried out independent of any political, religious or racial considerations and in striving for justice, performed to a large extent anonymously as interpersonal assistance. Terre des hommes is comprised of voluntary and remunerated staff with one single objective: to aid the child for whom he or she is both an ambassador and an instrument of life, survival and consolation. So that no one should remain ignorant – neither those who might be saved nor those who might save – Terre des hommes will attempt to alert and rally human society to the infinite distress of countless children.»


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