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You can help by playing music!

What can you yourself do to help street children in other parts of the world? Terre des hommes invites committed people of all ages to play music, sing or perform on the streets of Switzerland and show their solidarity with the children and adolescents in other countries who have no choice but to live and work on the streets. Of course we also appreciate indoor benefit performances. All the money collected will go to Terre des hommes projects for street children. If we all support these children and their rights, we can help make a great improvement to their everyday lives.

Who? When? Where?

In 2009, over 2000 children and adults throughout Switzerland made music for the benefit of street children and raised almost CHF 100,000 in donations. The "Music for street children” campaign is organized regionally by volunteers and coordinated by our head office. The campaign takes place all over Switzerland, split throughout the year and sometimes with a regional focus.


Musical performances on the street or in public places always require a permit from the local authority or permission from the landowner involved. We greatly appreciate it if the performing group can organize this permission itself but we can help where needed. We announce all “Music for street children” activities on our website and in regional newspapers and so need to know all your performance details. Please inform us of any changes so that we can make any necessary alterations. Terre des hommes will provide posters, information material, badges and caps for your performance.

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E-mail: or phone: 058 611 07 84

And so to help such children, I’m offering some of my music to support Terre des hommes' street projects.

Henri Dès, well-known author, composer and singer for children


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"I have always loved working with volunteers, especially since I began working with Terre des hommes. It is thanks to our volunteers that we are so visible. We are now one Switzerland’s largest child relief organisation. Thank you to all the volunteers who give their time so generously to the organisation."
Isabella Kaufmann, volunteer relations officer

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