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09.06.2021 - News

2020 was an exceptional year, both globally and for Tdh

While countries and people were confronted with COVID-19, causing major disruption for all areas of people’s lives, the most vulnerable children and their families were hit the hardest. Tdh’s committed 2135 employees worldwide have worked hard to continue to support them.

Many families living in poverty became poorer, children dropped out of school – depriving them of learning and many of a meal – some started to work or had to get married, and overall women and children were exposed to more violence. Those on the move saw borders close and those without shelter or a home, living in camps or temporary shelters were much more exposed to COVID-19 and more at risk of serious consequences, both in terms of health and protection.

In this context, Tdh adjusted its approaches swiftly to protect its staff and the children and members of their communities they were helping.

In 2020, Terre des hommes supported 4.8 million children and members of their communities in 35 countries! Twenty new COVID-19 projects were launched, children were given a voice through our #CovidUnder19 initiative and 129,100 professionals were trained.

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