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26.03.2015 - News

Benin: 59 children operated in the new pediatric surgical facility

New operating theatre

At the end of January, the new pediatric operating theatre was inaugurated in Abomey, attended by representatives of Terre des hommes, the CHUV, the media and the Benin Minister for Health (left on the picture). “The surgical unit is operational, spacious and well equipped. It will allow for operations under optimal conditions”, said Professor Judith Hohlfeld (right), Head of Pediatric Surgery at CHUV and the instigator of this project. This operating theatre will also enable more on-site operations and reduce the number of medical evacuations for children born with malformations. As a reminder, Tdh has been organising twice-yearly surgical and consultation missions since 1992, allowing children from Benin to be treated by a team of professionals from the CHUV.

Transfer of skills

A further aim of this project is the transfer of skills. “We want to be able to leave behind a working instrument for local surgeons and those in training to be able to continue operating on children when we are not there”, says Hohlfeld. But this requires a huge amount of time and effort. As part of this project, a doctor from Benin is currently training at the CHUV for a year. The pediatric hospital in Abomey could therefore soon become a leading centre for pediatric and reproductive surgery in the region. “Nothing great is achieved in a world devoid of passion…”, concludes Professor Hohlfeld.

This project is financed by the CHUV and the government of Benin.

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