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15.04.2013 - News

Colombia: So that today’s peace process becomes tomorrow’s truth

That same week, in Monteria, capital of the Cordoba department, the audio show “Memorial de Voces” (memorial of the voices) was opened by the French journalist Christine Renaudat. This show, supported by Terre des hommes , transported the public into the heart of the armed conflict. Without taking sides, the Radio France correspondent in Colombia dusted off more than ten years of audio recordings to highlight the forgotten voices of this conflict: the displaced, farmers, local people, victims, the abducted, child soldiers, etc. In a tone that is sometimes solemn, sometimes poetic or ironic, the “Memorial de Voces” invites listeners to think about the absurdity of the violence that has been affecting the country for so long. Christine Renaudat reminds us that this exhibition seeks, above all, to make aware those who have not experienced the reality of the conflict.

Tdh decided to support Christine Renaudat because “Memorial de Voces” is both an initiative for peace and a work of remembrance. In addition, Tdh is working in Cordoba in a support project for child victims of the conflict. So that the fighting stops, and innocent people like Ever Cordero Oviedo are no longer killed, there is a need for the thousands of victims to speak out, and to speak louder than the guns. The peace process may not just be wishful thinking – but tomorrow’s truth.

This audio exhibition was presented for the first time in Cartagena in September 2012, before joining the Archives of Bogota, then the town’s Alliance Française. In November 2012, at the Sonema festival, 81 composers from 16 countries created their own audio tapes from the recordings of Christine Renaudat.

The show is complemented by a blog where witness accounts, songs and sounds can be heard