29.09.2016 - News

India: Laetitia's travel diary

Laetitia Guarino, Terre des hommes' ambassador and Miss Switzerland 2015, travelled to India to visit our projects for children. Here, she shows us some impressive moments of her journey.

""Colours" is the first word that comes to my mind to describe my trip to India. Everything is full of colours. In the drop-in centre we visited, we were welcomed with an amazing dance show by children dressed in traditional costumes."

"We visited an installation which filters standing water and makes it drinkable for the school children and their neighbouring communities. You can see the difference with your own eyes! This makes it possible to avoid a great number of illnesses which are transmitted by water, especially by contaminated water, and proves another time that with a small amount of resources and effort you can have a big impact for children."

"Tdh works in such remote areas, you cannot even get there by car! The only way to arrive there is by foot or by a so-called "moto-bus". Children of these communities are vulnerable as they can only access education and medical care with difficulty."

"Once a month, qualified staff visits the communities in order to check on the children’s state of nutrition. The social assistants showed me how to measure the arm circumference to find out if a child is undernourished or not."

"The small Mohammed made us laugh. He was so happy! He is getting treatment in this therapeutic feeding centre where he received tailored food and medical care. Once he will have regained his normal weight, he will be able to return to his village with his mother and sister."

"What fascinated me most in India was the friendliness of the people. Sometimes, they own almost nothing and live in small houses made out of earth and straw, but still they would invite you for a meal or give you a souvenir. Children welcome you with a smile and can have fun with not much. The communities have an incredible solidarity when it comes to raising awareness amongst them about children’s health or to construct a water pump which is resistant against flooding."

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© Tdh / Sajana Shrestha