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Moldova: Be informed about your rights

You have the right to…

“If you are a victim, witness or offender, you will probably have to interact with the police and the justice system. In that case, you have the right to be informed about what happens, to contact your relatives, to express your opinion or to remain silent, to have access to an interpreter-translator and to be protected against physical and psychological violence.” That is, in sum, the message disseminated through the “Learn your rights together with us” awareness campaign that Terre des hommes launched in March in Chisinau, Moldova. The objectives are to inform young people about the rights they have when they come into contact with the justice system and police as well as to explain the various judicial processes.

Risks of discrimination

The campaign includes distributing and displaying posters and brochures in all schools and police stations, visiting classes, and offering an online quiz. The video Justice for Children was also produced to educate young people and those around them in an entertaining way. Each year in Moldova there are nearly 2,500 children and youths who come face-to-face with the law. Confronted with the risks of discrimination and abuse, they often do not know about the rights to which they are entitled.

This project is funded by the European Union.

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