13.04.2016 - News

Pakistan: Tdh protects street and working children

At the occasion of a photo exhibition at the Pakistan National Council of Arts, four pictures illustrating our child protection project have been shown. Present for over a decade in Pakistan, Terre des hommes (Tdh) works with Flowers, a local NGO who runs programmes helping children living or working in the streets of Peshawar. 

Tdh funded four protection centres to welcome street and working children in Peshawar. Our local teams offer them informal education, hygiene sessions, healthcare and psychosocial support. The protection centres allow the children to rest, play and escape the harsh reality of the street. 

An educator explains proper hand washing to a young girl at one of the four protection centres in Peshawar. About 70 children aged between 8 and 14 attend the centre every day for a few hours. They used to work in the street. Thanks to Tdh, they now come to the centre for education, hygiene sessions, healthcare, psychosocial support and recreation.

A young boy plays with building blocks at one of the four protection centres in Peshawar.  "I feel lucky to be able to relax and play a bit. I also feel very lucky to get education here! I only knew how to help fixing cars. But now I know how to write." The project allows the enrolment of almost 400 boys and girls every year in formal schools.

Young boys laugh as they play at one of the four protection centres in Peshawar. Street and working children face multiple forms of physical and psychological violence. In the Tdh centres, they find space for recreation. The project promotes child rights and child protection among families, teachers, employers and community members.

A boy during an educational session at one of the protection centres in Peshawar. "I was working at a workshop. My finger got cut after it was stuck in one of the machines. Coming here to learn how to read and write is the most exciting and happy time of my day." Street and working children are frequently exposed to harmful activities during their work. The project teaches life skills and informs children about their rights and ways to keep them safer during their work.

The photo exhibition has been organised by the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF). PHF  is  a  project  funded  by  the  European  Commission's  Humanitarian  aid  and  Civil  Protection department (ECHO) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in Pakistan.

Photo credit: ©Tdh