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Palestine: Jean-Marc Richard visits our projects

“In a climate of violence and discrimination it is important not to give up. This is a sentiment which is rarely put into practice, especially in a context as complicated as that of Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Can there be a rationale for a small drop of water in a turbulent ocean? After seeing Tdh’s commitment to Palestinian children I would say that there is. This drop of water is the salt of life and stands as an example in a region where some people prefer to build walls which depict humanity’s ugly side, whilst Joseph and his team build bridges, and do so with conviction, and this really makes a difference.

Providing children whose lives have been interrupted or broken with an alternative for the future – a future which does not involve this wall against which their hopes will be dashed – is an act of faith towards finding a better life.

Trying to avoid breaking the children by working towards finding alternative solutions.
Giving community and traditional justice, for example in Hebron and, I hope, in other areas, the means with which to seek out the best path for the family in a world in which injustice and revolt are expressed on a daily basis as the dominant feeling.

It is an intelligent, efficient move which provides hope. We must move forwards, even if we sometimes feel that we are going backwards. This is simply the first step in learning how to live together.

Thank you Tdh and good luck. It is worth it.”

Intervention of Tdh on Palestinian Territories

Terre des hommes brings about positive change to the everyday lives of more than two million children and their families every year. Learn more about our projects in Palestine.

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