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20.11.2017 - News

Podcast Voices: youth in Brazil share their experiences and opinions

Nineteen of the fifty cities with the highest homicide rates are in Brazil. Children grow up in an environment where violence, drugs and gangs are part of daily life. To reduce this culture of violence, Terre de hommes (Tdh) is using a new tool which lets teens and young adults in situations of social vulnerability participate: The podcast Vozes (voices) aims to diffuse the social reality and experiences of youth in order to strengthen violence prevention and build a peace culture.

Our podcast Vozes is an episodic series of audio, where young adults, supported by a Tdh expert, can share their own experiences and opinions on various topics such as bullying, domestic violence and racism. Listeners can download the podcast and are sensitized about these topics while youth are given a way to express themselves.

Vinícius, who participated on the first edition said: “I find it very interesting, because it gives a voice to the teenagers. We could talk about things we never told anyone before, and we felt alleviated. Do you know when you feel like talking about things you are not comfortable with, and those stay inside you for years? Vozes helped me get rid of that feeling”.

Quickly, we could see how useful the project was to help teenagers cope with their lives and it became an instrument for pedagogical purposes. The Tdh social worker Paula Rodrigues uses it on a daily basis. During awareness workshops of the Mucuripe Peace Project, she used Vozes for discussion and reflection on the theme of racism with the youth. “Actually we have to listen to the young ones, and try to understand their relationship within their community, their world and the issues that exist around them,” says Breno, a community coordinator participating in the Vozes project in Mucuripe, a neighborhood of the city of Fortaleza.

The project continues until December 2017, but it can be extended worldwide. Our target is to have more teens and young people using the microphone to express their feelings and opinions on Vozes. “Talking about youth is to talk about life, energy, vitality. Actually, it's a challenge, since we are representing a whole crew of young people, who many times don’t have opportunities or don’t even know that a public policy exists for their use, so we’re their spokesmen, and that’s a great responsibility. I'm happy and excited to see what comes next,” says Breno.

«1 out of every 10 students in Brazil is a victim of bullying; these are physical and verbal attacks that affect more and more young people in Brazil. What are the causes of bullying?»

Podcast Vozes, Brazil: Prevention of bullying


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