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16.05.2017 - News

Between risks and opportunities: protecting migrant children in West Africa

Terre des hommes launches the new CORAL-project to support and protect migrant children on their journeys in West Africa. Together with an African movement of working youth, we implement child protection activities along the Abidjan-Lagos corridor (from the Ivory Coast to Nigeria via Ghana, Togo and Benin).

The road along the urbanised corridor between the Ivory Coast and Nigeria is a key area for migrants, of which the majority are under the age of 18. Children migrate towards cities and agricultural or production sites such as gold mines or cacao plantations to improve their living conditions. Even though this can constitute a work opportunity, they are also at risk of exploitation, abuse and trafficking. The specific objective of our project is to accompany and to protect children on the move from their country of origin to their destination”, explains Moussa, one of the young communications officers of AMWCY (African Movement of Working Children and Youth).

From Abidjan in the Ivory Coast to Lagos in Nigeria, a road along the coast connects the five countries.

The project launch that took place in Cotonou, Benin, is seen as the initiation of a promising collaboration:I am very happy about the project, because it is going to help us to protect migrant children. It can limit the emigration from their country and they can better protect themselves while migrating", concludes Naomi, the national communications officer for Ghana of AMWCY.

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Photo credit: © Laurent Crottet