15.09.2022 - News

The QR-bill permanently replaces the payment slip

This article is of interest for our donors in Switzerland.

From 30 September 2022, payment slips will no longer be accepted in Switzerland. What does this mean for our valuable donors? If you regularly donate to Terre des hommes, you must update your references in your e-banking to continue helping children.

They have been an integral part of our invoices since 1906, but time flies and payment slips will soon be retired. They will be replaced by the QR-bill from 30 September 2022. Thanks to the QR-code, making a payment becomes even easier.

How can you donate with a QR-bill? 

On your phone: open your e-Banking application and scan your QR-bill. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

On a computer: In your e-banking system, scan the QR code with your computer's camera, with your phone's camera, or enter the payment manually by typing the account number in IBAN format and the reference number. Alternatively, get a QR-bill reader.

At the counter: It is still possible to make a payment at the post office counter. Simply take your QR-bill with you, the procedure is the same as before. 

Still have questions? Find more information on this page.


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