26.09.2017 - News

Rohingya crisis: Tdh deploys an emergency team in Bangladesh

Terre des hommes (Tdh), working in Bangladesh since 1974, is closely monitoring the Rohingya crisis. Following the Bangladeshi government’s calls for assistance, we have stepped up our presence in the region. Tdh is now preparing to launch an emergency operation in the south-east of the country, near the border with Myanmar.

Since the end of August, more than 400,000 Rohingya have sought refuge in Bangladesh after fleeing violence in Myanmar. The exodus of people to the Cox’s Bazar region has created a major humanitarian crisis. Building on its experts’ local knowledge and networks, Tdh is launching emergency activities in the country, working closely with government authorities and other humanitarian organisations.

“The situation is so desperate that help is needed in all areas. We aim to assist by providing water, hygiene facilities and shelter to at least 30,000 people, with our priority being the protection of children traumatised by exile. The majority of Rohingya refugees are children. Over 1000 unaccompanied minors have made their way to Bangladesh. They are in total despair,” says Lionel Lafont, head of Tdh’s Bangladesh mission.

The recent rains have made survival conditions much more difficult for thousands of refugees living without shelter or assistance. Access to drinking water and latrines is limited. Given this situation, Tdh has released the funds necessary to launch an emergency operation.

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